02 March 2010

End of hell month: SUNDAY FUNDAY

Sorry, no posts for over a month. February is the wonderful month of frustration I guess. FINALLY made it to March. New week. New month. I'll look forward. Sunday night was the cap of February, and we had a BLAST. I went out to B12 the other night...the rat nest of south Columbia, because of their extensive television supply and their amazing wings. I literally hate it there...but how can you refuse $1 bottles and drafts, with delicious hot wings and chicken nachos? No way around it. Towards the end of the night and many shots later, we paid and the waitress and continued to shoot rhinos and elephants. She comes walking up and says, "uhhhh did I do something wrong?" We said no, and she began to go on about how we didn't tip her enough. Well- I felt bad and started throwing $5 bills at her. I was a little intoxicated, soooo, uhh...I was having too good of a time to pause and grasp reality. First of all...we did tip her enough, and a tip is a common curtesy, not a requirement. I didn't assess the situation until after we left. blahahaha that little hooker hosed me out out of an extra $20 on a $37 tab including the origional $5 tip! I'll give her props for it I guess. After I got schooled at big buck hunter by my friends DN and Weebs, we proceeded to go on a scavenger hunt, which ended up with beer pong and finally, the great movie American Psycho. Sunday Funday.

Song of the Day: DMB Crash