21 September 2010

Navy Seal from NEMO dies in Afghanistan

Navy Seal from NEMO dies in Afghanistan: "Funeral arrangements are on hold until the family finds out when the service member's body will be returned to the U.S."

24 August 2010

No home

I have a hard time with this one. I see actors and actresses flying to other countries to rescue and help the poor and homeless in other countries...more often than not, adopting them. Sure, great, you're a freakin' humanitarian. But what about the poor and homeless in our country? What about the homeless living under bridges and cardboard shelters in back alley ways. People scoff when you flip a dollar or donate an umbrella.

These are the people who everyone laughs at or overlooks. People that are so desperate that their cries for help are almost non existant. No, I don't believe in the complete innocense, but I do believe that any American individual, wealthy or scraping food out of dumpsters, deserves a fair handshake. I do think there are plenty of things that people in the Human Service profession can do to help.

There are social services for the homeless that help provide housing, some education, work and even healthcare for homeless people that can aid them in picking back up off their feet. These services can help stop the agony of living homeless, and can help re build lives.

13 August 2010

SONG OF THE DAY: Interstate by Randy Rogers Band

This song has highlighted my year. The new album comes out so soon!!!! I can't wait. I believe it's release August 24, better jump on it!

Randy Rogers Band Pictures, Images and Photos

11 August 2010

Haiti Trip

Well my trip to Haiti was short but thank the lord for that. That country honestly is at no point of return. Mark Twain once said "there are lies, damn lies...and statistics", but I'm gunna have to believe that over 50% of the population has aids and that 98% of the Haitian females have at least one sexually transmitted disease. Whoa. I had a friend announce the other day that a good explanation of Haiti would be the thought of every building in Columbia crumbling to the ground and everyone just sitting down. Literally. These people really need to help themselves...you know that Haiti didn't amount to much even before the quake. It's a sad deal. Wyclef Jean jumps to their defense by saying there are changes in how people are living after the quake. Before the quake there was close to an 80 percent illiteracy rate. The population could not read and write. Before the quake there was also child slavery and high prostitution rate. Before the quake, Cité du Soleil was in an inhumane situation — not even animals would walk in. Before the quake, Haiti got hit with back-to-back hurricanes, the city of Gonaïves was destroyed.

Oh really? Because I'm pretty sure some of our guys witnessed a rape while we were down there and the rotation before us was caught sneaking prostitutes in. I'm sorry, but that place is done for. I totally support Wyclef and his journey to presidency though...and I hope he can flip around their Government...if they even have one? Anyhow, he definitely has the public eye for a win and I hope he gets it. That place is a total mess...so much that you just gotta see it for yourself. Glad we got the opportunity help out down there.

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Song of the Day: Eminem/Rih

Wow. Could anything be better than a Rihanna Eminem collaboration...with a video including a hobbit and Megan Fox? This video is sexy; and the song is great. Enjoy!

11 July 2010

Song of the Day: 18 DAYS

I decided to post both videos because they both are pretty amazing.

Saving Abel - "18 Days" music video from Charles Lewis III on Vimeo.

This on is even better!