24 August 2010

No home

I have a hard time with this one. I see actors and actresses flying to other countries to rescue and help the poor and homeless in other countries...more often than not, adopting them. Sure, great, you're a freakin' humanitarian. But what about the poor and homeless in our country? What about the homeless living under bridges and cardboard shelters in back alley ways. People scoff when you flip a dollar or donate an umbrella.

These are the people who everyone laughs at or overlooks. People that are so desperate that their cries for help are almost non existant. No, I don't believe in the complete innocense, but I do believe that any American individual, wealthy or scraping food out of dumpsters, deserves a fair handshake. I do think there are plenty of things that people in the Human Service profession can do to help.

There are social services for the homeless that help provide housing, some education, work and even healthcare for homeless people that can aid them in picking back up off their feet. These services can help stop the agony of living homeless, and can help re build lives.

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