01 July 2010


Dear BP
I really feel like you should be focusing more on fixing the issue at hand, and leave your reputation for later. The destruction of our planet, wildlife, and shore economy is just a little bit bigger than you. In order to volunteer cleanup...we have to fill out a form and maybe, just maybe we will be included on the clean up crew. Is it because you're trying to use organizational tactics by not using all the help you can get...or is it because you're afraid that everyone in God's name will see the horror? I completely understand how important a repuation is, but when my country is under distress...I take it a lot more personal. Even BP’s shareholders understand this simple logic. When news is out that the oil company is making progress on the Gulf of Mexico leak, it leads to an increase in share price. Fix the existing problem, and shareholders will fix your stock price yo. This has been dragging on, and on, and on..and as big of corporation as you have, one would think that the issue would have been resolved by now. Take your losses assholes! Get all of your equipment out of there and plug that hole.
65 days X 19,000 barrels a day = the worst reputation crisis in recent history
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